Voyage is a Glasgow textile and interior design studio. Their vision "is to create and enhance the beautiful home with a fresh, artistic feel that is unique in look and represents a contemporary, country lifestyle." The talented team create sketch drawings and water colour paintings that are inspired by the great outdoors here in Scotland. They utilise British woven cotton, linen and wool as they believe you should support local manufacturing as much as possible. Their range includes cushions, wall art, stools, lamps, hand blown glass and textiles.

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Voyage Additions Cushion - Mimosa Catkin 43x43cmVoyage Additions Cushion - Mimosa Catkin 43x43cmOur price: £24.99Voyage Additions Cushion - Mimosa CornflowerVoyage Additions Cushion - Mimosa CornflowerOur price: £24.99Voyage Arthouse Cushion - Buck 30x30cmVoyage Arthouse Cushion - Buck 30x30cmOur price: £26.99Voyage Arthouse Cushion - Expressive Thistle 30x30cmVoyage Arthouse Cushion - Expressive Thistle 30x30cmOur price: £26.99
Voyage Arthouse Cushion - Harry 25x35cmVoyage Arthouse Cushion - Harry 25x35cmOur price: £26.99Voyage Arthouse Cushion - Wallace 30x30cmVoyage Arthouse Cushion - Wallace 30x30cmOur price: £26.99Voyage Arthouse Cushion - Wallace 50x50cmVoyage Arthouse Cushion - Wallace 50x50cmOur price: £58.99Voyage Country Cushion - Catch 35x65cmVoyage Country Cushion - Catch 35x65cmOur price: £58.99
Voyage Country Cushion - Daxy the Daschund 35x35cmVoyage Country Cushion - Daxy the Daschund 35x35cmOur price: £47.99Voyage Country Cushion - Fable 50x50cmVoyage Country Cushion - Fable 50x50cmOur price: £46.99Voyage Country Cushion - Game Grouse 50x50cmVoyage Country Cushion - Game Grouse 50x50cmOur price: £47.99Voyage Country Cushion - Moorland Stag 30x60cmVoyage Country Cushion - Moorland Stag 30x60cmOur price: £51.99
Voyage Country Cushion - Odyssey 40x60cmVoyage Country Cushion - Odyssey 40x60cmOur price: £44.99Voyage Country Cushion - Rory 40x60cmVoyage Country Cushion - Rory 40x60cmOur price: £61.99Voyage Country Cushion - Urquhart Thistle 40x50cmVoyage Country Cushion - Urquhart Thistle 40x50cmOur price: £54.99Voyage Country Cushion Darby - Charcoal 50x50cmVoyage Country Cushion Darby - Charcoal 50x50cmOur price: £48.99
Voyage Country Cushion Darby - Mustard 50x50cmVoyage Country Cushion Darby - Mustard 50x50cmOur price: £43.99Voyage Country Cushion Hare - Mint 43x43cmVoyage Country Cushion Hare - Mint 43x43cmOur price: £34.99Voyage Country Cushion Hunt - Charcoal 40x60cmVoyage Country Cushion Hunt - Charcoal 40x60cmOur price: £44.99Voyage Country Cushion Pounce - Silver 43x43cmVoyage Country Cushion Pounce - Silver 43x43cmOur price: £39.99
Voyage Country Cushion Rudy - Mustard 40x60cmVoyage Country Cushion Rudy - Mustard 40x60cmOur price: £41.99Voyage Country Cushion Rudy - Silver 40x60cmVoyage Country Cushion Rudy - Silver 40x60cmOur price: £44.99Voyage Couture Cushion - Helios Granite 35x60cmVoyage Couture Cushion - Helios Granite 35x60cmOur price: £47.99Voyage Couture Cushion - Helios Midnight 35x60cmVoyage Couture Cushion - Helios Midnight 35x60cmOur price: £47.99
Voyage Cushion - Meadwell Skylark 40x60cmVoyage Cushion - Meadwell Skylark 40x60cmOur price: £42.99Voyage Cushion Woodberry Loganberry 40x60cmVoyage Cushion Woodberry Loganberry 40x60cmOur price: £49.99Voyage Cushion Woodberry Skylark 40x60cmVoyage Cushion Woodberry Skylark 40x60cmOur price: £49.99Voyage Elemental Glassware - Althea Bowl (Lapis)Voyage Elemental Glassware - Althea Bowl (Lapis)Our price: £43.99
Voyage Elemental Glassware - Khione Snow Metal Vase (Frost)Voyage Elemental Glassware - Khione Snow Metal Vase (Frost)Our price: £54.99Voyage Elemental Glassware - Oceanus Bowl (Sapphire)Voyage Elemental Glassware - Oceanus Bowl (Sapphire)Our price: £52.99Voyage Elemental Glassware - Oceanus Egg Vase (Sapphire)Voyage Elemental Glassware - Oceanus Egg Vase (Sapphire)Our price: £58.99Voyage Elemental Glassware - Tellumo Hurricane Lamp (Frost)Voyage Elemental Glassware - Tellumo Hurricane Lamp (Frost)Our price: £58.99
Voyage Elemental Glassware - Tellumo Small Hurricane (Onyx)Voyage Elemental Glassware - Tellumo Small Hurricane (Onyx)Our price: £58.99Voyage EOS Floor Tripod Lamp - Various ShadesVoyage EOS Floor Tripod Lamp - Various ShadesOur price: £249.99Voyage EOS Table Lamp Tripod - Various ShadesVoyage EOS Table Lamp Tripod - Various ShadesOur price: £199.99Voyage Framed Artwork Birch - Expressive Thistle 68x68cmVoyage Framed Artwork Birch - Expressive Thistle 68x68cmOur price: £93.99
Voyage Framed Artwork Birch - Rory 90x70cmVoyage Framed Artwork Birch - Rory 90x70cmOur price: £109.99Voyage Framed Artwork Birch - Wallace 68x68cmVoyage Framed Artwork Birch - Wallace 68x68cmOur price: £93.99Voyage Framed Artwork Stone - Baxter 46x46cmVoyage Framed Artwork Stone - Baxter 46x46cmOur price: £63.99Voyage Framed Artwork Stone - Daschund 71.8x36cmVoyage Framed Artwork Stone - Daschund 71.8x36cmOur price: £63.99
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