Dhink Collection — Night Lights for Kids

Dhink is a premium lifestyle brand that develops imaginative childrens’ room decor and everyday items, including a popular lighting selection. Their creations feature unique and colourful designs that brighten up any space.

At About Living, we stock a selection of stylish homeware items and premium gifts for all occasions. We offer curated collections from multiple high-end brands, including a dedicated Dhink night light collection.

Discover an array of creative and unique children's night lights in the UKthat are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Browse our online Dhink collection today.

Dhink: Imaginative Lifestyle Products

Established in 2007, Dhink has been involved in the lifestyle industry for over 15 years. Specialising in premium everyday items and children’s room decor, this Belgian brand’s passion for creativity is reflected in its unique offerings.

Dhink also supports the idea that “growing up is optional” and aims to bring a childlike sense of imagination to their designs. Dhink’s fun and colourful products, including whimsical night light designs, are ideal for all ages. 

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Dhink is dedicated to upholding its environmental responsibility and works to create products that are as eco-friendly as possible. Over the years, they have reduced their reliance on single-use plastic by turning towards recyclable packaging that helps protect the planet. 

Quality Assurance & Safety

Dhink boasts a wide range of lighting options, from lovable LED kids' night lights to creative, ambience-enhancing string lights. All of these offerings undergo extensive tests to ensure high quality and adherence to European and American safety standards, including ROHS compliance.  

Searching for the perfect gift that you know your child will love? Buy a colour-changing night light from About Living’s selection of Dhink products. 

About Living’s Dhink Night Light Range

Are you looking for a whimsical light-up elephant or colour-changing unicorn night light? Perhaps you want to opt for a quirky police car night light instead. We offer an adorable array of Dhink night light lamps and string lights available in various pastel-coloured designs. Our selection caters to everyone’s colour mode preferences and style.

Our Dhink lighting options are the ideal way to add some brightness to your life and create a calming ambience when it's time for bed. For your convenience, many of the lights come with batteries included and are constantly lit up and charging when plugged in. If unplugged, the battery-saving timer will automatically turn your light off after 15 minutes. 

Here is what you can expect from our Dhink lighting collection.

Night Lights & Lamps

Our selection of night lights are available in various sizes and designs, including unicorns, pandas and deer. You'll even find a charming koala light. This variety means there’s something for everyone — whether you want a dinosaur night light for your bedside table or an easily transportable mini elephant night light. Most of the lights also boast colour-changing capabilities. So, if you suddenly want pink night lights, you can simply touch or tap your Dhink lamp to change to a new colour mode. 

String Lights

Featuring a soft-touch design and gentle glow, our range of string lights is ideal for enhancing the atmosphere of any room. Besides being available in multiple fun designs, such as bunny lights, rocket ships and unicorn string lights, this selection also comes equipped with long cables. This allows you increased freedom when decorating and illuminating your space.

Need help deciding which lamps or string lights are best for you? Feel free to contact our team for expert advice on our collection of kids' night lights in the UK.

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