Maison Berger Paris is a French company that specialises in deluxe home fragrances designed to purify and perfume the air around you.

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At About Living, we stock premium homeware and gifts from high-end brands. Our curated range includes the indulgent Maison Berger Paris collection.

Purify and perfume your space with our luxurious selection of fragrances from Maison Berger Paris in the UK. Explore our premium range and order online today.

Maison Berger Paris: Functional Fragrances

With over 125 years of experience, Maison Berger Paris is an established name within the fragrance industry. Originally known as Lampe Berger, the company started their journey by creating catalytic diffusers to purify the air in hospital rooms. As their product range grew, they changed their name to better encapsulate their offerings. 

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Today, Maison Berger Paris collaborates with French perfume makers to deliver a selection of luxury home fragrances that offer the perfect combination of functionality and decor. Enriched with essential oils, these stylish products are designed to eliminate bad odours while diffusing enchanting scents throughout your space. 

High-Quality, Safe Products

Maison Berger Paris is dedicated to producing products that meet quality and safety standards. Their products are created with laboratory-controlled substances, and every fragrance meets the global air quality standards outlined by organisations such as REACH, IFRA and CARB.

Eco-Friendly Designs

Within their product range, Maison Berger Paris offers an enchanting candle collection. Boasting eco-friendly designs, these candles are vegan, free from colourants and made with plant-based wax. The company also offers refills for their air diffuser products to promote continued use and sustainability.

Find the perfect scent to enhance the atmosphere of your home. Browse About Living’s curated selection of Maison Berger fragrances online.

About Living’s Range of Maison Berger Paris in the UK

We stock a comprehensive Maison Berger Paris home fragrance range that includes candles, diffusers and perfume oil lamps in the UK. With a variety of scents available, these products are perfect for enhancing the ambience of your surroundings.

Our products also include your choice of lamp, reed or electric diffuser oil refill. So, whether you seek a variety of scents or a single fragrance that suits every space, you can continue perfuming with ease. 

Here is what you can expect from our Maison Berger Paris diffuser, lamp and candle range. 

Purifying Lamp Burners

Paying homage to the Lampe Berger legacy, we stock a selection of individual lamp burners and diffuser sets with sleek, eye-catching designs. Simply choose your favourite luxe fragrance and light your burner to begin purifying and perfuming your environment.

Plant-Based Wax Candles 

Wind down after a long day with our gently scented luxury candles. Each perfume candle boasts a fragrance designed to relax and rejuvenate. Ideal for alone time or entertaining, these candles provide soothing lighting to spread comfort and warmth throughout your home. 

Luxury Reed Diffusers 

Practicality and decor combine with our selection of reed diffusers for sale. Consisting of fragrance-diffusing reeds placed within a bottle of diffuser oil, these products are not only aesthetically pleasing but permeate your space with a delightful fragrance of your choosing. 

Electric Mist Diffusers

Our selection includes a unique electronic diffuser range. Besides creating an aromatic mist of diffuser oils, a diffuser with electric controls allows you to customise features like perfume intensity for heightened convenience and functionality. 

Transportable Car Diffusers 

Take the luxury of Maison Berger Paris' fragrances with you wherever you go by investing in an aesthetic car diffuser kit. Featuring a thoughtfully designed universal clip, a car perfume diffuser can be attached to your vehicle’s air vents with ease. These diffusers include everything from soft cotton scents to animal anti-odour options.

Accessories & Refills for Diffusers 

Have you run out of diffuser oil or lost the stopper for your lamp burner? We supply lamp accessories and a diffuser refill range so you can continue to enjoy your chosen fragrances effortlessly. 

Searching for the perfect high-quality lamp burner or a reed or electric diffuser in the UK? Browse our Maison Berger Paris online range to find your new favourite candles and diffuser aroma products. 

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We offer UK-wide* delivery services. Delivery usually takes place within 3 days and is free for orders over £75. Can’t wait to receive your Maison Berger electric diffuser refills or luxury scented candles in the UK? You can opt for our next-day delivery services at a small additional cost. 

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About Living are proud Maison Berger UK stockists. Shop our comprehensive range for enchanting home fragrances you will adore.