5 Must-Have Jonathan Adler Designs

5 Must-Have Jonathan Adler Designs

Jonathan Adler for House Beautiful.

"Think like a photographer. Look at every vignette in your home like it's being shot for a shelter magazine and style accordingly." - Jonathan Adler

New Jersey born Adler discovered pottery at 12 years old. Later studying semiotics and art history at Brown University, he was more often than not found at Rhode Island School of Design developing his passion and discovering a unique style soon to be celebrated globally. Today, Adler sells in 30 stores and with over 1000 retailers. His exhaustive catalogue boasts instantly recognisable designs, combining pop culture and contemporary art with vibrant hues and humour to match.

Adler's collection is so epic you might not know where to look first, so we've narrowed them down to our 5 Must-Haves.

5. Porcelain Vice Canister – Pride
Jonathan Adler’s Vice Collection celebrates everyday indulgences, "from sweets to sedatives", in his classic to-the-point and tongue-in-cheek fashion. Make a statement with the Pride Canister, vibrantly coloured to match its sentiment. Ideal for stashing your favourite treats, or as a fabulous ornament that makes for a great conversation starter around the table. Want more? Feast on the Calories Canister of the same collection.

4. Le Wink Coaster Set
Jonathan Adler’s Le Wink Coaster Set features 4 peepers set against pastel backdrops. Finished with accents in real gold, lucky are the drinks that rest on these mystical eyes. This set is sure to draw enquiring eyes to an otherwise ordinary tablescape. Into the eye trend? Take a look at Adler's Harlequin Eye Tray.

3. Muse D'Or Scented Candle
Jonathan Adler's  Muse Collection takes its inspiration from great artists and their great love affairs.  This design draws on the relationship between Pablo Picasso and fellow creative Dora Maar. Adler’s Muse D’Or Scented Candle features a facial profile that would appear ordinary, if not for its echoing duplicates that reference the surreal. Finished in a gold glaze, it can be enjoyed as a decorative ornament long after its scents have burned out. Make a statement in your home, or present it to a loved one (it's beautifully gift-boxed, too).

2. Rocket Gin Decanter
Jonathan Adler’s Gin Decanter features a galactic Rocket crafted in 16-karat gold luster porcelain. This sleek design is sure to humour yourself and your guests before you even start to pour the drinks. Style with Adler’s Whiskey and Vodka counterparts and complete an out-of-this-world set.

1. Split Atlas Vase
Inspire doubletakes with Jonathan Adler’s Atlas Split Vase. Its strikingly surreal design boasts jarred profiles in matt white porcelain and gold. Certain to catch eyes furnished with flowers or without.

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